Deep Six by: D. P. Lyle ISBN10: 1608091872
ISBN10 1608091872
PUBLISHER Oceanview Publishing
TYPE 352 Page Book
RATING 3.9 / 5.0 Avg.
LAST UPDATED: 2018-09-30

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Deep Six

Deep Six

Deep Six was written by and D. P. Lyle. The 352 page book was published by Oceanview Publishing in 2016 with an ISBN 10 of 1608091872. Most books are now available in ebook, pdf and audible formats. If you need more information about this publication, it can be purchased at or Google Books. If the book is older and/or out of print book try to locate a copy on Deep Six mentions 1 serial killers including Elmer Wayne Henley. The author D. P. Lyle has 1 book(s) listed on Killer.Cloud used for the purpose of documenting facts about Serial Killers listed in our database.

This book mentions 1 Serial Killers:

Book Summary

Ex-professional baseball player Jake Longly adamantly refuses to work for his father, wanting no part of Ray’s PI world. He prefers to hang out at his beachfront bar and chase bikinis along the sugary beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. But Ray could be persuasive, so Jake finds himself staking out the home of wealthy Barbara Plummer, a suspected adulteress. The mission seems simple enough—hang around, take a few pictures, sip a little bourbon. Except Barbara gets herself murdered right under Jake’s nose. When Jake launches into an investigation of his target’s homicide, he quickly runs afoul of Ukrainian mobster Victor Borkov. Aided by his new girlfriend Nicole Jemison and Tommy “Pancake” Jeffers, his behemoth employee with crazy computer ski...

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Deep Six by: D. P. Lyle ISBN10: 1608091872 View 1 books written by
Author D. P. Lyle

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