Christopher Berry-Dee (Author)

Christopher Berry-Dee has authored/co-authored at least 14 Book(s) base on or surrounding serial killers. Serial Killers mentioned by this author include Keith Hunter Jesperson, Peter Kudzinowski, and Paul Dennis Reid. Doug Clark, Carol M. Bundy, Matej Curko, Andrei Chikatilo, Henry Lee Lucas, Joanna Dennehy, Harvey Carignan, Michael Bruce Ross, Wayne Adam Ford, John Edward Robinson, Arthur Shawcross, Kenneth Alessio Bianchi, Fritz Haarmann, Phillip Carl Jablonski, Maria Swanenburg, Dorángel Vargas, Aileen Carol Wuornos, and 1 other serial killers.

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The below books were authored or co-authored by Christopher Berry-Dee.

Emissaries of Satan by: Christopher Berry-Dee ISBN10: 1784183105
Christopher Berry-De...
Emissaries of Satan
Serial Killers: Up Close and Personal by: Christopher Berry-Dee ISBN10: 1569759472
Christopher Berry-De...
Serial Killers: Up Close and Personal

14 books Authored by
Christopher Berry-Dee

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
1569759472 Serial Killers: Up Close and Personal 2
1857826280 Talking with Serial Killers 2 1
1784183105 Emissaries of Satan 2
1843586436 Dead Men Talking 5
1903402700 Talking with Serial Killers 7
1569756198 Serial Killers, Up Close and Personal 6
1843586177 Talking with Serial Killers 7
1843586940 Monster 1
1784182885 Love of Blood 3
1569759731 The Voices of Serial Killers 1
1569759022 Cannibal Serial Killers 4
1784182621 Love of Blood 1
156975778x Online Killers 1
1789460034 Talking with Female Serial Killers - A chilli... 1