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The below books were authored or co-authored by Ann Rule.

The I-5 Killer by: Ann Rule ISBN10: 1940018579
Ann Rule
The I-5 Killer
The Stranger Beside Me by: Ann Rule ISBN10: 1940018137
Ann Rule
The Stranger Beside Me
But I Trusted You by: Ann Rule ISBN10: 141654223x
Ann Rule
But I Trusted You

20 books Authored by
Ann Rule

ISBN10 Book Title Killers
0743276418 Green River, Running Red 3
1940018137 The Stranger Beside Me 4
1501139142 The Stranger Beside Me 1
1940018579 The I-5 Killer 1
0743238516 Green River, Running Red 1
141654223x But I Trusted You 1
1982120509 Green River, Running Red 1
0786222603 The I-5 Killer 1
0743424042 A Rage To Kill And Other True Cases: 1
0743202775 Dead by Sunset 3
1940018234 The Want-Ad Killer 3
0671793535 A Rose For Her Grave & Other True Cases 1
1416500030 Kiss Me, Kill Me 1
1940018544 Lust Killer 1
1940018013 Everything She Ever Wanted 2
1940018196 Small Sacrifices 1
1940018277 You Belong To Me 1
0671793543 You Belong to Me and Other True Crime Cases 1
0743424069 Last Dance, Last Chance 1
1416559590 The Stranger Beside Me 1